Advnture Time is a show on Cartoon Network about a boy named Finn and hid pet dog named Jake. They live in a tree dome after the end of the world. Finn's parents are missing and so far he is the only known human being to survive the apocolypse without gaining any powers to physically transform himself into a non-human being. Jake is his dog whos parents found him when they were both babies. They raised them together and now they live alone in the tree dome having lots of fun and being happy with freinds theyve met and and beating the living crap out of a bunch of strange mosters.




Princess Bubblegum

Ice King

Lady Rainicorn

Lumpy Space Princess

Flame Princess



Slime Princess

Hot Dog Princess



Ice Queen

Prince Gumball

Lord Monichromicorn

Marshall Lee


Business Time

Slumber Party Panic

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