Ben 10 Alien Force Season 3
Series Ben 10 Alien Force
Country of origin USA
Network Cartoon Network
Original run September 11, 2009 – present
No. of episodes 5
Next season 4 (Ben 10: Evolutions)
Ben 10 Alien Force Season 3 is the last and end season of Ben 10: Alien Force.

Episodes Edit

EP# Title Airdate Prod. code
1 "Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1" September 11, 2009 301
Vilgax resurfaces with a new army. Under the Galactic Code of Conduct, he challenges the greatest champion of each world he visits to single combat, the prize being that champion's planet. Each time he defeats a champion, he absorbs their powers, the tenth and latest being Ultimo of the Galactic Enforcers. With the strength of ten heroes at his disposal, Vilgax heads to Earth and challenges Ben, giving him 24 hours to prepare. In order to gain a sporting chance, Ben and Kevin attempt to unlock the Omnitrix's Master Control even when Azmuth contacts them not to do it. 
2 "Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2" September 11, 2009 302
Following the accident with the Omnitrix, Ben, Gwen and Kevin (who had been mutated into a metal/rock monster from the accident) set out to recapture the four released forms (Goop, Chromastone, Spidermonkey, and Way Big) under the orders of Azmuth. They are able to capture three of the four, but Way Big is too far away to reach in time. Ben leaves to fight Vilgax while Gwen and Kevin retrieve Way Big. The battle goes badly for Ben at first, as Vilgax's powers and wide array of weapons are able to overcome his some of his alien forms like Jetray, Humungousaur and Big Chill. When Gwen and Kevin return with Way Big, Ben attempts to use the form, only to end up as Chromastone instead. Vilgax overcomes Chromastone and destroys his body, but Ben regenerates from the remains into Diamondhead. Using Diamondhead, Ben easily defeats Vilgax. Vilgax is banished from Earth and never allowed to return, but promises to get his revenge somehow. 
3 "Inferno" September 18, 2009 303
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are sent to investigate an attack by Pyroxivors (a type of subterranean cattle) on a oil drilling operation. Deep underground, they discover the mole-like Moldevor, their owner. He explains that the creatures were driven above ground by Vulkanus, who has drilled into the Earth's core in order to drop a bomb within, thereby raising the temperature of Earth to match that of his home planet. Ben manages to stop the bomb as Jetray before it can reach the core, and Moldevor uses his cache of explosives to seal the cavern permanently. 
4 "Fool's Gold" September 25, 2009 304
A species of goat-like aliens comes to Earth for a Popcorn Festival in Walton. These aliens feed on popcorn and produce solid gold poop, which keeps the town running. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are called in by one of the aliens named Orb, who has lost track of his friend, Decka. Mayor Coleman has kidnapped Decka in hopes of having a constant supply of gold, but when he feeds the alien meat, he morphs into a primal form that will multiply uncontrollably if it absorbs enough energy (their species is apparently responsible for Mars being a wasteland). After being told that the species cannot digest silicon, Ben feeds Decka an army of Echo Echos, causing him to vomit up everything he ate and return to normal. He and Orb then leave in their ships, with Decka stating that he will tell everyone and they will never come back. Before Mayor Coleman is brought to justice, Kevin gives Gwen a locket with a picture of her and him before the accident to remember him as he was. 
5 "Simple" October 9, 2009 305
An alien recruits Ben to help resolve a conflict that has been ravaging her planet for decades. 

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