Noods are faceless guys that change colors and form CN characters.

A nood.

History Edit

The noods were formed by the former CN president's successor. They have been on Cartoon Network since 2008 and will be gone in 2010, when there is a new Cartoon Network rebrand.

Nood types Edit

[adult swim] Nood Edit

The [adult swim] nood is a fictional nood that is seen on [adult swim] in fiction.

King Nood Edit

The King Nood is a fictional nood like the [adult swim] nood appearing on the Cartoon Network block You Are Here.

Ben 10 Nood (age 10) Edit

The Ben 10 (age 10) nood is a nood that appears in the Coming Up Next: Ben 10 bumper and some other CN bumpers.

Har Har Tharsdays Nood Edit

The Har Har Tharsdays nood is a fictional nood sorta like the Bloo Nood (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends).

Bloo Nood Edit

The Bloo Nood appears on the Coming Up Next: Foster bumper.

Ben 10 Nood (age 15) Edit

The Ben 10 (age 15) nood is a nood that appears in the Coming Up Next: Ben 10 Alien Force bumper.

Dexter Nood Edit

The Dexter Nood no longer is on Cartoon Network, but appeared on some bumpers.

Dee Dee Nood Edit

The Dee Dee Nood is not on CN anymore, like the Dexter Nood, and, appeared on some bumpers.

Powerpuff Girls Enemies Noods Edit

These air on Cartoon Network, but dont come on alot.

Powerpuff Girls Noods Edit

They air on CN, but 2 Powerpuff Girls dont seem to air, the only one that airs alot is the Bubbles Nood.

The fictional [adult swim] nood.

Other Noods Edit

There are some other noods that are based on CN characters that were not mentioned here.

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The flapjack nood.